Who is “HE”?

Who is “HE”?

SERIES BREAK: John 1:1-5, 14

The Christmas we celebrate ..

We celebrate the history God Himself had written down and preserved accurate and intact for thousands of years.

We celebrate history that goes all the way back to 700BC, the history that began running in Psalm 46:7.. “The Lord of Hosts is with us”… “The God of Jacob is our stronghold”

But too, we celebrate the unchanging and infallible theology behind the history, the Theology also written down and preserved accurate and intact thousands of years

We celebrate ”Emmanuel, “God with us”… We celebrate Jesus Christ, The Word, made flesh, the eternal one, the powerful creative divine force that made everything,

We celebrate Jesus Christ, in whom the infinite became finite, in whom the invisible became visible.

That, is the Christmas we celebrate.